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5 Uses For Options

Reasons to Hire Organic and Green Cleaning Company Services Cleaning is one of the chores that any person that is sound and able will do at given time to his or her immediate environment and that means that is essential to do it as one of the daily chores and it will be wise to […]


What to Do in Lombok Island

Lombok is an island that attracts the adventurous. Fringed by the blue waters of the Indonesian Ocean, divers come from around the world to enjoy the marine life that inhabits the sea. Another major pull of Lombok is the surf. Like Bali, it attracts a massive number of surf enthusiasts keen to capture some waves […]


Office Space at Jakarta

The occupancy rate of office space in Jakarta at 2018 is estimated to achieve its lowest level since 2012. The figure that was sliding isn’t caused by a fall in investment realization in Indonesia – in fact investment – nor is it caused by an exodus of businesses. It’s the introduction of new large office […]